4 Tips for Escaping a Rut and Rediscovering the Joy of Life

Life can and should be beautiful and uplifting, a magical adventure which fulfils us and leaves us smiling at the end of each day. Unfortunately, many if not all of us will from time to time fall into deep ruts which rob us of our joy and contentment and make the days seem to blend into one grey blur.


It’s not hard to see how this can happen. Bad credit loans, mistreatment by others, plans gone awry, and bad lifestyle habits can all conspire to throw us out of equilibrium.


If you find yourself in a rut right now, here are a few tips which might help you to burst free.


Go for a walk every morning

It may sound simplistic, even silly, to suggest that going for a morning walk might help to boost flagging mood and energy levels, but don’t underestimate just how powerful this practice can really be.


Going for a brisk walk — ideally for an hour or so — every morning will help elevate your mood in a few ways. Firstly, it will give you some moderate exercise, which has been shown time and again to have mood-boosting benefits. Secondly, it will (at least in Spring and Summer) expose you to some natural light first thing in the morning, and help to properly calibrate your circadian rhythm.


A walk first thing in the morning will also give you time and space to think, to clear your mind of the doubts that might be plaguing you, and to imagine new solutions to your issues. It grants a sense of perspective.


Tidy up your diet and get lots of nutrient-rich foods

There are a lot of different suggestions out there as to what the perfect diet may or may not be. It’s up to each individual to weigh up the pros and cons of those arguments, but one thing is clear in any case: you should be eating nutrient-dense foods, such as berries and salads made up of leafy greens.


Your body absorbs and manages nutrients best when they come from whole foods, and deficiencies in essential vitamins and minerals can cause depression and low energy levels.


Review your life trajectory and refine your goals and ambitions

Sometimes we fall into a rut and get depressed because, on some intuitive level, we know that we’re not heading in the direction that we really want to in life. This can be a difficult realisation to face up to, and the implications can be scary. For this reason, many people avoid this kind of self-reflection and instead continue on with a vague feeling of discontentment.


Spend a weekend thinking and writing down your ideal life — or at least, your ideal day — and then use this to plan out one or two targets to work towards in future.


Force yourself to do things that you want to, but feel intimidated by

Ruts in life are often created and reinforced by our own fears. The more you allow yourself to sit on the sidelines because you’re uncomfortable putting yourself out there, the more you’ll feel trapped and disheartened by life in general.

Start small, but begin forcing yourself to do things that you want to do, but that intimidate you.


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