Get ready with Beautify!

From their Manchester HQ, the Beautify team designs and sources beautiful products for all of life’s memorable moments.

The babes over at beautify gifted me a stunning velvet luxury looking makeup storage box that has made my life 100% easier as i’m currently living between mine and my boyfriends house and making sure i have all my makeup and face care products with me to make sure i don’t have to fall asleep carefully to make sure my makeup is intact for the next day as i forgot everything and didn’t have anything to pop on my face the next day for meetings.

A passion that began selling tabletop make-up and jewelry storage, today they offer lighting, furniture, storage, art, textiles and more. Inspired by the latest trends and iconic females, they send packages of love to customers up and down the country. They’re living proof that you can do anything you put your mind to!

I don’t know how I functioned before the light up mirror as it shows every imperfection in my face and every accidental crease I have left in my foundation. Considering I am a glasses wearer, me attempting to do the perfect winged eyeliner is impossible as I cant see any detail whatsoever. The light up mirror has an added compact magnifying mirror attached to the back for those moments when you need absolute detail. It can be plugged in to the mains or you can add batteries to the back for a chordless use.

Confidence is key to self-love, being brave and making life choices that make you happy – and if their bedroom furniture makes someone feel more confident about moving out and going it alone, or their travelling make up case makes you feel your best on day one of an MUA course – they’ve done their job.  

Beautify is a lifestyle brand committed to equipping females with the little things that inspire them to do amazing things.

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