Being A Single Person In London

Being single can be a liberating experience, but sometimes it can be godamn awful!

I thought living in a small town in Suffolk was hard enough. You can’t meet anyone new! You pretty much knew everyone in that town and if you didn’t know them personally you already knew “about them”. I thought moving to London would make my love life so much better. Well living in a city where everyone is different gives you so many options. Maybe not. It’s hard to meet people. You go out on nights out with your friends and hoping you’ll meet a hot guy at the bar. Hoping to meet loads of different guys and go out on different dates with different people most weekends. But it’s not that easy!


But it’s so hard actually meeting these so-called people! You’ll be sitting on the tube and a nice-looking guy gets on. You clock eyes, smile and you instantly think “this is it, this could be HIM” but next thing you know he’s getting off at the next stop and you just can’t bring yourself to get off at the same stop and talk to him. So, you let him wonder away thinking I’m never going to see that beautiful face again! It’s so much harder just talking to strangers. You think big city, they might be a weirdo serial killer. But inevitably he most probably just a normal person like you.


Most guys you meet in bars and clubs are just half cut and looking to pull. You exchange a few words and flirty eyes and next thing you know he’s coming back to yours for “coffee”. You wake up in the morning and he’s gone. And you’re left there thinking oh well better luck next time. How are you expected to meet people in a bar when they are intoxicated and can only think about getting your dress off later that night? But there is no other time you can walk up to a complete stranger and talk to them without them thinking you are some weirdo. The other alternative it the beautiful app called “tinder” you write all these cute quotes on your bio hoping some guy takes a liking to your picture and wants to take you out on a date.


But in the end its just the same situation as the bar. Majority of them just want one-night stands where you both awkwardly cross ways in the morning hoping never to have to see them again. I did a test on tinder and matched with every guy I saw. Majority liked me back. But when I changed my bio to “No one night stands” and did the same thing all over again only a fraction liked me back. And even a few still kept asking me to send them nudes. “yes man I’ve never met I would love to send you a picture of me naked” said NO GIRL EVER!


Where has all the romance gone? Everything just revolves around sex nowadays! Just one day I would love for a nice guy to come up to me and ask me out for a coffee or a drink and get to know me, not what’s underneath my clothing.


Obviously, I’m not targeting all men out there. A fair amount of men aren’t sleazy guys in bars, a lot can be nice, but it’s just so hard to filter out the nice guys from the sleazy ones!


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