Dreading The Day You Have To Become A Tourist In London

I went to Southbank and Trafalgar Square to be a tourist for the day with a friend expecting the worst. You turn up to find hundreds of tourists taking pictures and standing in the most awkward of places. You feel as if they purposely turn up just to get in your way and make you late for wherever you are going! You feel as if you are a herd of cattle walking 1mph, and even that slow, you still manage to get an annoying tourist stop in their tracks right in front of you and you end up walking into the back of them.

As a person living and working in London I try to avoid all areas in which the cattle herding is at its prime. You’re used to walking fast pace, weaving in and out of each other to get to work, only paying attention to if you will get to work on time without having to turn up looking like you might have a heart attack as you just had to run to clock in on time.

You can always tell who is a tourist from a mile off. They stand in group’s faffing about with glazed over eyes not paying attention to the people around them. They stand in your way so they can get a great picture of whatever they think is remotely pretty.

But for once, I became one of those cattle. My friend came to visit and the first thing on her itinerary was to “see everything” in that moment all I could think was how today was going to dry up all the money I had on my oyster card and end the day with sore feet! But once I got over my grudge against tourism it became a really great day! It’s amazing how much beauty you can miss by just staring at your feet and getting on with your day. London is a magical place. You must let yourself be open to it and enjoy the wonders.


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