Why 100% Eco-Friendly Tampons Are So Important – The Ohne Period Subscription Box

The products in this article have been gifted to me. All my opinions in this post are 100% mine as I genuinely love this brand!

If you are not into the period talk then click away now, this post may not be for you. Don’t worry i’m not going to shove a photo of my vagina on here or anything!

100% Eco-Friendly Tampons - The Ohne Period Subscription Box

So as many of you may already know in the last six months i’ve been trying to be as eco-friendly as possible and have been writing a lot of tips on how to have an echo friendly home. But I haven’t written a post on having an eco-friendly vagina! WELL LADIES, IT’S HAPPENING.

The lovely girls who own my new favourite period brand Ohne have gifted me some 100% eco-friendly tampons to test out and tell you about. I’m not going to go into detail about my monthly period or anything because I don’t particularly want to tell my thousands of readers about the blood coming out of my vagina like a warzone!

Just a side note, I call vaginas foofs. Not because I don’t like the word Vagina or anything. I just love the word foof and it makes me smile every time I say it. I will happily shout the word vagina from the rooftops but I personally would have a hell of alot more time screaming the word foof!

100% Eco-Friendly Tampons - The Ohne Period Subscription Box

So why am I raving about these eco-friendly tampons?

WELL my friends. Did you know most of the tampons you buy in the supermarkets are not actually eco-friendly and organic. Why would you want to shove something up your foof that could actually harm you in the long run? WHYYY???

I’ve always had this internal battle with period products. I hate pads. like REALLY hate. It’s not like i have a vendetta about them, but it’s just my personal preference. I feel like i’m wearing a grown woman nappy!

I tried moon cups and they just did not work for me. I thought about those period pants that like take all the blood and hide it but it made me think of the nappy situation again… So basically all I was left was with tampons. Not a bad choice right?

100% Eco-Friendly Tampons - The Ohne Period Subscription Box

Most of the tampon brands you get from the supermarkets are not eco-friendly tampons. Most literally use plastic individual wrappers and plastic applicators which are non recyclable and end up in landfill.

In the UK we generate around 200,000 tonnes of plastic waste from tampons, pads and applicators according to London Assembly

This explains why I’m so excited to have found a brand that is 100% eco-friendly! I’m forced to have a period every month, I’m fine with that. I’m not okay that I’m forced into this huge plastic waste problem because there just isn’t any alternative.


With Ohne tampons they are 100% organic cotton, PLASTIC FREE and have a biodegradable cardboard applicator. That way there is no plastic waste with your period every month and your body isn’t producing more plastic for landfill every month!

Their subscription boxes are perfect to tailor to your period every month as you can pick exactly how many you would like delivered to you in time for your period. If you end up accumulating more tampons than needed no worries as you can just choose not to have a box delivered next month!

100% Eco-Friendly Tampons - The Ohne Period Subscription Box
You can even tailor the size you want to get exactly how many of each you will need!

So why is it so important to buy organic tampons?

Well I didn’t realise this until recently but most of the tampons you buy in the supermarkets actually are not organic and can contain bad ingredients. Why would you want to put chemicals up your vagina???


What are these chemicals and what can they do to your body?


Highly absorbent viscose rayon is one of four synthetic ingredients that is commonly associated with the increase of likelihood of Toxic Shock Syndrome. While the other three synthetic ingredients (polyester, carboxymethylcellulose, and polyacrylate rayon) have been taken off the market, rayon still exists in many tampons today.

If you don’t know much about Toxic Shock Syndrome I highly recommend this NHS page on it. Every woman should know the signs and be ready to act quickly if they show signs of it. It’s a killer!


This chemical is a result of chlorine processing. According to the EPA, there is no safe level of exposure to dioxin. It’s also linked to hormone disruption and can affect your immune system.

Non-organic cotton

The purpose of genetically engineered cotton is so that it will be resistant to pesticides and herbicides, which would affect the cotton’s growth This is problematic because it allows substantially more pesticides and herbicides to be sprayed on the cotton, which increases the risk of its residues being present in the cotton that’s in our tampons. Hence why healthcare professionals stress the importance of using organic cotton, since non-organic cotton tampons are likely to be genetically modified.


Fragrance is essentially chemical soup. As with beauty products, brands don’t have to list what chemicals they’re putting under the umbrella term “fragrance,” so it can contain harmful ingredients. Why would they think you want fragrances in your tampons? I HAVE NO CLUE. You wouldn’t spray perfume inside ya vagina now would you gals?


Yes, they use chlorine to bleach your tampons white. Because apparently the colour of something you are shoving inside your vagina is important!

Chlorine is used in the bleaching processes and does produce trace amounts of dioxins in the process. While the FDA maintains that there are only trace amounts of dioxins, when you look at this from a cumulative angle, there is cause for concern.


BPA is a hormone-disrupting chemical that comes from producing plastic, and it has been linked to cancer. Look for BPA-free applicators when shopping for tampons!

Ohone has got you covered on the chemical front!

So Ohne has made sure that their tampons are 100% organic and do not contain any harmful chemical that may be hidden in your usual tampon brands. You can have your period and not have to worry about all that bad stuff being shoved up there!


Cost? – Is it cheaper than your supermarket buys?

On average a woman will spend £40 a month managing their period. And no this doesn’t include the chocolate! That’s almost £500 per year!

With Ohne you can buy a box of 24 tampons will cost you £7.25 including postage. Even if you have a really heavy flow and need one or two boxes you will still end up saving money on your periods as well as helping your vagina and climate!

You can get your first box free!

If you want to try out these tampons before actually spending any money, you can get your first box free using the Ohne discount code taylorvip

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The products in this article have been gifted to me. All my opinions in this post are 100% mine as I genuinely love this brand!

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