The 2019 Roundup – The Rise From The Fall…

So, 2019…. what a year! I know I say that every year but REALLY. What a year!

If you compare my end of year round up to last years one you will be very very shocked.

Last year I was in the worst place Imaginable in my life. I had been through homelessness, a domestic violence court case, and my ex-partner committing suicide.

But down to 2019…

A double bed in a room

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Our bedroom makeover
  • Me and Błażej hit our one-year anniversary and we now live together in Bury St Edmunds.
  • In March I got offered a job of a lifetime at UK Power Networks as their Digital Marketing Specialist and Reporting Analyst which I’m still at with the most amazing team around me.
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Me and one of my closest friends Leanne
  • I reconnected with my Bury St Edmunds Friends after being gone four years and I’m so lucky to have such a supportive unit around me. We are our own little family.
  • I finally got my Father out of my life and have wished I did it sooner. You may be related to people who bring you down and bully you and it is not your obligation to put up with their toxic shit.
  • I have removed all the toxic people out of my life who I thought were friends but were really not healthy for me. Just because you have been friends since you were little does not mean they should be in your life now if it is going to affect your happiness.
  • My trusty mini blew up and I was without a car for seven months. But that forced me to cycle to work every day and It ended up being a good outcome for me. I have now brought a new car as its winter and screw cycling in the cold and wet!
  • I got myself a therapist to deal with my PTSD. Well my family found her for me, and I begrudgingly agreed. This by far was the best decision I have ever made. She has help me realise my own worth and what I deserve as a person. I am no longer putting up with shit I did not need to suffer.
  • I’m on route to recovery from the domestic violence and panic attacks are becoming rarer and rarer these days. What helps is that Błażej is the most understanding man in existence and helps me through every hurdle without even flinching.
  • The blog has come even further these days and I’ve got so many more avid readers who are loyal and have become good friends of mine.
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All the suffolk bloggers at the suffolk bloggers christmas party organised by the amazing Georgia from
  • Me and Błażej managed to go to Poland twice this year which is such a beautiful historic country that I highly advise to go to at least once.
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My nan and grandad
  • Sadly, I lost my Grandmother on Valentine’s day this year and Błażej lost his at the end of this month.
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Me and my very sleepy nephew
  • My sister gave birth in August to the most beautiful baby boy who is my first nephew and I’ve genuinely never had so much love for someone so small and cute.
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The big 25th
  • I celebrated my birthday for the first time since being 10 years old. I have always struggled with my birthday as it’s a hard time for me in my life, but I bit the bullet and Błażej threw me an amazing party with all my loved ones around me. Yes, I cried ALOT, and yes I got very very drunk.
  • Me and Błażej celebrated Christmas at home this year and I cooked my first ever Christmas dinner. And when I say we, I mean Błażej cooked and I supervised…

I just want to wish all of my readers who have stuck through me through all my ups and downs a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. Yes life gets better.

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