A 2018 Roundup – The Worst Year Of My Life

What can I say about 2018? I would love to sit here and write about how amazing it’s been and that TWUSS has skyrocketed and surpassed my dreams and my whole life has fallen into place perfectly and that I go for brunch everyday. But in reality 2018 has legitimately been the worst year of my life and I feel like it would be wrong for me to sugar coat it.

This year has been a crazy ride from the start and not in a good way. I feel like I have managed to feel every emotion there possibly is and have seen the darkest parts of me I wish never to see again.

I have lost people to me that I thought I would be with for the rest of my life. My whole life was turned upside down all while going through the worst domestic violence trial that i would never wish upon anyone else.

I attempted to go freelance and failed miserably at it and had to sit there and deal with the fact people were nabbing my clients by offering my services at a fraction of the price!

I was sofa surfing for four whole months of my life living out of my hiking backpack. Eventually my father let me move in with him. That was until his anger problems decided to make an appearance and he decided to throw me out and pretty much disown me and uninvited me to all the family events. Jokes on him we booked the reservation. Good luck trying to get a table in December now!

I had to sit there and watch my mother do CPR on my best friend/sister after I accidentally knocked her in the chest and it caused her to stop breathing. Yes that’s right, I almost KILLED my best friend!!

And worst of all me being the massive idiot I am decided to come off my anti depressants at literally the WORST point in my life and ended up in A&E due to two separate suicide attempts in a 12 hour period. I have always been open with my mental health issues due to the fact it was affecting TWUSS and my readers were noticing something was up.

In know this all sounds horrific but to be totally honest it wouldn’t have put me in the position I am in now. It’s all so easy to sit there and tell the world about the unfortunate events that unfolded this year but also some of the best things i could never have dreamed of happening to unfold.

TWUSS managed to hit it’s highest readership and that was WITH the lack of time i spent on it!

I managed to get back into my home after talking to therapists.

I FINALLY managed to get my anti depressant medication correct and have never felt more clear of my own life.

Me and an old friend started dating after about 5 years of “will they wont they.

I have some tattoos designed and ready to cover up the scars on my leg I’ve been left with after this year.

And to top it all off I will be spending Christmas the traditional way this year and actually eating a Christmas dinner. Normally I volunteer at Crisis every year but i’m giving it a miss to concentrate on myself and my well being this year.

So even though this year may have been the worst year of my life. I really couldn’t be anymore accepting and at peace with myself and excited for the future. The trial is almost over and i can concentrate on moving on with my life. I’m looking to start a new career in the new year. I’ve stumbled into the beginnings of a great relationship with someone who I already know inside out and can be my utter goofy self around.

I’m excited to announce that TWUSS has some amazing collaborations coming your way for 2019 as well as some new angled content.

Yes your life can get terrible and you cant see a way out. But I promise you that it can get better and it WILL.

I would like to wish all my followers/readers a wonderful Christmas and new year, and thank you all for sticking with me through the weirdest most challenging year of my life.


2018 Taylor Out!!

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