7 Steps To Feeling Empowered – International Women’s Day 2020

International Women's Day 2020

International Women’s Day is on its way, and with that, we want to feel empowered. We’ve all been knocked down, disappointed and uninspired – but 8th March is a better excuse than any to get your mojo back. Get out of that dull mood and feel the best version of yourself this Women’s Day with our tips!

Pamper Yourself

International Women's Day - get your hair done at a salon

It’s important to look after yourself – we all need TLC. Take time out to soothe your skin with a hydrating face mask, rest and moisturize your body with a delicious-smelling scrub. You can also pamper your hair – it does deserve it after all. Using hot oils to banish dry hair, or treating yourself to a new edgy hair cut will give you a new-found confidence and give your hair a new lease of life.

Do Something You’re Good At

Doing something you know you are good at gives you a confidence boost and makes you feel empowered. You will feel ready to face anything! Whether it’s painting, writing or just making people happy, whatever your talent, make good use of it. You will feel positive, empowered and like you have accomplished something great!

Be Grateful

Make a list of what you are grateful for – being thankful can increase your feeling of empowerment and happiness. Sometimes, we overlook the little things that brought a smile to our face, and taking time to reflect on these simple things will make you feel more confident and satisfied with your life. Choose 3 things that you are grateful for each day and suddenly, you will feel in control!

International Women's Day - 101 things to be greatfull for


International Women's Day never underestimate the power of a hot shower, clean sheets, and long nap

Take time to relax and to reflect. Meditating can make you feel in control and empowered, as well as push away anxiety and stress. Yoga is also a great activity to uptake to take care of yourself and find your inner motivation. Spoil yourself with a relaxing activity that will help you find your focus and drive.

Connect With Loved Ones

Connecting with loved ones will make you feel reassured and safe, all part of being empowered. Feeling negative can be due to isolation and loneliness, so getting out of that rut is very important. Talking to loved ones will help you pour your heart out, express your feelings and feel like you’ve lifted a weight from your shoulders.

Take On A New Challenge

Just as doing something you’re good at is an important part of feeling empowered, so is taking on a new challenge. There is something exciting about taking on a new project and reaching your goal. The journey there is a little unknown, pushing yourself and trying something new will be so rewarding.

Say No

no is not a curse word - International Women's Day

Another way to feel empowered this International Women’s Day is just through the power of a simple word “no”. Of course, being kind and showing good will are admirable values, but sometimes, being a bit selfish is ok too. Saying no to situations that aren’t relevant or good for you, or saying no to people that haven’t got your best interests at heart, is empowering because you are showing you can handle a situation and you know what is good for you.


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