It’s Never Too Late To Change Your Career Path

You’ll probably spend more time in your job and with those your work with than you do at home with your family, or out and about with your friends. Therefore, it’s important that you’re able to find fulfilment and satisfaction from your job role so that you don’t go to bed with a headache every night of the working week. It can be easy to get stuck in the habit of just getting on with it; you have rent and bills to pay, so it can be a challenge to question your job role because of the income it gives you. However, years in a career or job that you don’t enjoy will start to take their toll. Stress and fatigue can become an issue, and these may lead to having an impact on your health and wellbeing.

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Therefore, it’s time to think about your options, and what sort of career journey you want to have. It’s never too late to make a significant change, and it will lead to a new lease on your working life and an array of potential opportunities. People leave their jobs to apply for new ones in the same field all the time, and you’d be surprised how many decide to head in a completely new direction regarding their career. As long as you’ve still got a job paying your bills; you’ll have the means to utilise some of your free time to look elsewhere, and to do what you need to achieve job satisfaction. Keep reading for some ideas on getting the career and job change that you deserve.

Time And Training

As with any new job role or career move; you’ll need to put in the time and training that’s required to make you an appealing candidate. Nobody said that it would be easy to train, gain qualifications, and look for potential new opportunities while you’re still working. However, the reward will be a bright future ahead, so it’s worth the effort. Start by focusing on your CV; you can improve your CV with Word training and ensure that it shows off your best attributes and skills to your potential new employers. Working on and through your CV will also highlight any areas that need work, or gaps that may need to be filled with qualifications or experience. Therefore, it’s the perfect place to start, and a great measure of what you’ll need to do to succeed.


Aim High

All too often, women apply for jobs that they’re either qualified or overqualified to do. This can mean that they become restless and bored in their job role within the year, and get itchy feet again. Therefore, try to aim a little higher than you have the training for; these are roles you have the potential to grow into. Employers want to see confidence and drive, and if you have those attributes; utilise them to learn the ropes and get stuck into your role. Even if you’re not chosen for a job; you’ll gain experience from the interview, and you’ll be able to ask for feedback from those who interviewed you. You can bounce back with the knowledge of where and how you should improve, and your fresh start will be just around the corner.


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  1. Giana
    May 22, 2018 / 12:44 pm

    A very interesting and true post! I know so many people who study something at university and then end up in a completely different career and that’s ok. We spend enough time of our day at work so we should make sure we’re doing something we actually want to do.


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