Offer Assistance to Elderly Relatives for Independent Living

No one wants to think that they’re going to lose their independence when they’re older. Unfortunately, it’s a reality that a lot of us have to face. However, even though you might start to struggle with some things, there are still ways to ensure you can remain as independent as possible. If you have any elderly relatives, whether they’re grandparents, parents or aunts and uncles, they might need some help to maintain their independence. It might seem strange to require help to be independent, but there are a few things you can do if there’s someone in your family who you think needs assistance.

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Send (or Bring) the Things They Need

For many people, being able to stay in their own home is one of the most important things. It’s tough to leave the home you might have spent many years living in. Plus, many people might not require the kind of care given in a care home, assisted living or even in a retirement community. One of the ways you can help someone to live independently at home is by filling in the gaps of the things they might find difficult. You can send or bring them meals or groceries, or simply show them how to shop online. A cleaning service can also be useful.


Help with Choosing the Right Living Situation

Not everyone is capable of staying in their own home as they get older. Some people need some more support, but there are various levels of support available. If you visit, you can see some of the options that might be available. Some people can live mostly independently but like to know there is extra support. Others might need higher levels of care, whether it’s with task like cooking meals or getting dressed. For some, it’s just about being in a safe environment where they’re not alone.


Provide Help with Health

Even if you try your best to keep fit as you get older, there are still various age-related health problems that can affect you. You can help your relatives to manage their health in a few different ways. While you can’t force them to do anything, you can encourage them to talk about their health and to see medical professionals when they need to. You can help with transport to appointments, managing medication and even making lifestyle changes.

Connect Them with the Community

Being a social person and having plenty of support becomes even more important for older people. Loneliness is a problem and being unable to do everything independently can feed into it. If you struggle to get out of the house, it makes it difficult to maintain relationships. You can help by connecting your relatives to a community and to various community resources that might be on offer. These could include anything from adult day care centers to senior social groups that offer lots of fun activities.


You can help your older relatives to maintain their independence in different ways. It doesn’t take much to lend a little assistance and support.



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