Stranded in London. Snow day anyone?

So the weekend just passed was a very busy one, last minute shooting down to London with the worst hangover known to man…Thanks Will for egging me on for that…

Obviously the weather was perfectly fine and of course I went out drinking Saturday night even though I was dying because, well, you know, pub is life.

Got to see some of my friends I hadn’t seen in six months and once the first jagerbomb went down reluctantly, crazy drunk Tay was back.

Considering I was just walking around in a jumper and denim jacket that night I’m shocked at how much snow actually fell from that grey little sky of ours!

Woke up in the morning and BAM the most snow I have ever seen and it was in LONDON! I had lived in London for four years and never seen snow settle. And the one time I come to visit, the heavens open and really didn’t want to shut.

I was meant to be driving back to Norwich that day but I couldn’t even get my car our of its space let alone down the hill it was parked on. Each end of the road was blacked with smashed up cars and I was NOT going to join them.

So after about an hour of panicking about not being able to get to work I accepted defeat. Called my boss groveling and went for a wonder to Alexandra Palace to go sledding with Aimee.

And you know what. LONDONERS CAN DO SNOW DAYS PRETTY DAMN WELL. There was an actual man skiing through the park That man is and will always be my hero.

Me and Aimee on the other hand were just trying to stay upright and that wasn’t the best decision considering I had carrier bags over my feet to keep them dry. (The M&S bag was more durable than the Waitrose one. It shocked me too. M&S is the one guys).

After watching a group of grown me sledge down Alexandra palace hill in a canoe and drinking copious amounts of hot drinks to stay warm we decided to venture back to Muswell Hill.


The next morning when I attempted to actually go to work I managed to scooch up the hill in heels and then gracefully fall over and hit my head on my own bonnet when trying to de ice my car. Laying in the middle of the road all soggy while already about three hours late for work which was 100 miles away I think I hit my new low. But of course all I could do was laugh my head off about it.

Took me four hours to get to work and I legitimately had dirt on my face from my bonnet incident all day without anyone mentioning it.

The worst thing is that I have to do it all over again next weekend and I’m praying the snow goes away.

Everyone loves a snow day? No I do not.


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