The Best Independent Places To Eat And Drink In Bury St Edmunds

Living in Bury St Edmunds has its perks because its FULL of independent businesses who offer some of the best food around. From the best homemade pizzas to the gastronomy breakfast burrito. Here are my favorite places to eat in Bury St Edmunds that you NEED to try.

The LP

Of course I’m going to say the LP as number one. I’m overly biased with this one as The LP over the years has become my second home and most of my friends and family know that is where to find me when I’m not at work.

I’m so comfortable there I often use it as my makeshift office in the evenings. Yes most of my lovely blog posts are written in that lovely bar while I’m nattering to the bar staff for their opinions on paint colours!

But that’s just the location. I haven’t even got started on the food and cocktails yet! Also another very biased opinion as my other half is one of the chefs there…. But oh my, it’s honestly the best place to get a pizza in Bury St Edmunds. Plus, they make the best homemade coleslaw I’ve ever eaten. No Joke.

And then those scrummy scrummy cocktails! You can’t actually go for a decent cocktail anywhere else in Bury without paying through the nose. And if you ask the bar staff nicely they will literally make you anything!

The Masons Arms

Okay so this is in fact a pub but it is the ONLY place in Bury That me and Blazej will go to when we are a little bit worse for wear and want a decent roast dinner and BOY THEY PROVIDE. I can never actually finish my food even though my heart is screaming at me to fit it in because it’s JUST SO GOOD!

We also tend to pop in here on our walks through bury and the Abbey gardens every week to have a pint in the beer garden and a chat to all the regulars in there.


This is my go to place for breakfast in Bury ever since they opened. They are a little bit different with their food choices and don’t stick to the normal poached eggs option; trust me I tried to get some in there but the egg man refuses to do one. Yes they have a man in the kitchen dedicated to eggs. But their gastronomy hash is to die for and the portions are beyond large for the price you pay. 10/10 recommend.

The Northgate

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This isn’t your everyday dining but it’s well worth the visit. Blazej took me here for their taster menu last year and ever since I have been itching to go back! Plus they have just redesigned the bar there so I have the perfect excuse to pop in!


This place only just opened last month and I’ve been dying to eat there. I haven’t had decent sushi since I lived in London and that was FOUR YEARS ago!

Me and Blazej went a little overboard in there and ordered pretty much everything off the menu. the food was to die for and is really cheap in comparison to the amount of food you get.

Plus the seating area is beyond cool as its set out in the traditional Japanese way meaning you have to take your shoes off and sit on the floor to eat your food!

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